Our promise

Kerry 7Here at the Kerry Alex Thorpe Trust we are continuing Kerry’s hard work of raising awareness of Cystic Fibrosis and also the importance of organ donation. By continue to encourage people to become organ donors it will help to save peoples lives.

Our main aim as the Kerry Alex Thorpe Trust is to help local children with Cystic Fibrosis in the Suffolk area which are patients of the Ipswich Hospital Children’s Clinic. We hope to help them in the following ways;

Firstly, as every child leaves paediatric care and goes into adult care the nurses from Ipswich Hospital host a private leaving party for each child. This was previously paid for by the nurses themselves and here at the trust we now fund these parties for them to ensure the children have a send-off that they deserve. This money will go towards the food and presents etc… The nurses had one of these parties for Kerry when she left Ipswich hospital to transfer to Papworth hospital. Kerry never forgot this and how special the nurses made her feel. We are very excited to help the Cystic Fibrosis team at Ipswich.

Secondly, we grant wishes for local Cystic Fibrosis children under the care of Ipswich Hospitals Children’s Clinic who are aged between 9 – 16 years old. Some examples of a few of our wish days that have already taken place are as follows;

  • A trip for a young Chelsea fan to spend a day at their training ground, watching them train and meeting the players after.
  • A puppy party where a very special young lady got to spend the day at a dog breeders, totally covered in the most adorable Cockapoo’s you could imagine.
  • A brand new laptop with all the accessories required for a young lady to take the step up to high school.
  • An Xbox One with Kinect and Games.

If you know a child under the care of Ipswich Hospitals Children’s Clinic who are aged between 9 – 16 years old please click on the following link for further details on how to nominate a child, Click here for Wish Days.

In November 2014 we also revealed a new initiative for the Trust with “Alex’s Gifts”. Children with Cystic Fibrosis in Suffolk, under the care of Ipswich Hospitals Children’s Clinic will receive a birthday gift from our mascot Alex on every birthday until the age of 9, when they are then eligible for one of our wish days. These gifts are up to the value of £50 and are discussed with the childrens parents/guardians prior to the child’s birthday. For further details and to register a child, Click here for Alex’s Gifts.

We hope by doing all of the above it will enable the children’s lives to be a little more happier and fulfilled and hopefully act as a small distraction from the day-to-day suffering a child with Cystic Fibrosis has to endure.