Our inspiration

Kerry 13Many of you reading this would have known Kerry either personally or as an online friend and would have known what an inspiration she was before her sad passing in March 2014.

She was born with the genetic disease cystic fibrosis, which affects the lungs and the digestive system. As a young child Kerrys life was pretty normal and she enjoyed all aspects of growing up.

As she approached her teens things slowly started to deteriorate and the general tasks of life became more of a struggle. Not many people were aware of this as she was desperate to live exactly as her peers were doing at the same time.

As the years passed the disease tried its best to beat Kerry but she never gave in to it and battled on until her last days. It is often said that children and young adults with a terminal illness seem to have such bravery never giving up. Kerry’s only chance of survival once her lungs became so badly damaged was a lung transplant, but sadly for Kerry this life saving call never came.

Although she was suffering inside Kerry made it her mission to spread the word of cystic fibrosis and organ donation, and what an amazing job she did too. Featuring in newspapers, magazines and working closely with the CF Trust and LLTGL, she really got the message out to strangers around the world and the importance of joining the organ donation register. We have know idea how many people are now donors because of Kerry and how many lives have been saved because of one beautiful inspirational young lady.

After she died, at just 23 years old, we wanted to carry on her legacy, so her memory didn’t die with her, but would continue to help and inspire many others in the future. So within just days of her passing we set up the Kerry Alex Thorpe Trust. No only was it helpful to us to remain focused it also gave us something to occupy our minds. Losing Kerry was devastating not to just us at the trust but also to her adoring family and hundreds of people who knew her.

Kerry was such an amazing young lady, with tremendous courage and an amazing fighting spirit, so here at the trust we promise to keep all the good work she started going, and hopefully with the help of some wonderful people take it from strength to strength.