Meet the Team

Joshua Nelli

Hi I’m Josh

I was lucky enough to be Kerrys fiancé and I spent five wonderful and exciting years with her. I decided to set up the Kerry Alex Thorpe Trust to keep Kerrys memory alive and I hope she’d be proud to see how successful we’ve been so far…

My role at the trust is Chairman

My main duty is administration. I run the website and Facebook page –, so if you would like an event or photo etc. added just send me a message either by email or through the Facebook page. One of my other roles is treasurer of the trust along with Megan, so we will keep any money raised safe and used wisely.

I am also one of the contacts for the CF parties and wishes so If you’d like to speak to me regarding this please ask.

I look forward to taking this trust from strength to strength and thank you for helping me achieve my dreams for Kerry.

Josh x

Megan Nelli

 Hi I’m Megan

I knew Kerry for five years and was hoping one day to call Kerry my sister in law, sadly that day never came. So instead I will do my best to make this trust work and hope that if Kerry was here hope she would be proud.

My role in the trust is director.

I will be the main contact for fundraising events along with my brother Josh. I will help you with any ideas you have and will arrange sponsorship forms or anything else you’d need to make your event successful.

I’m also the treasurer of the trust along with Josh, so at our quarterly meetings will arrange with the team the best ways to use all monies raised in helping the local CF kids. I will also arrange our yearly donation to the CF Trust and LLTGL which were Kerry’s two favourite charities.

Another of my roles is keeping our Instagram page updated, if you haven’t followed us yet please do so –

Please contact me if you have any fundraising ideas or issues by email or through the Facebook page.

Love Megan xxx

Jacqui Brett

 Hi my name is Jacqui and I’m honoured and proud to be a part of the trust to help carry on the name and hard work of my beautiful daughter Kerry.

My role at the trust is Officer.

My main duties will be organising fundraising events and helping others with their fundraising ideas.

I will be also available for support to local CF parents who may need some advice regarding CF or transplant. My knowledge is good regarding CF, transplants and Organ donation, so if you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask.

Another of my roles is keeping our Twitter page updated, if you haven’t followed us yet please do so –

I’m also one of the contacts for cf parties and wishes so again contact me regarding this too.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Love Jacqui xxx

Len Jay

Hi I’m Lenny

I was and will always be proud to call Kerry my wonderful and brave granddaughter. She was a shining light to many and a true inspiration.

My role is supporter.

I will play a small part in the running of the trust but I hope it will be a valuable one.

I will attend the quarterly meetings and use my wisdom to help guide the rest of my team to make good decisions in the day to day running of the trust.

I will also try my best to get to as many of the events arranged and support participants and organisers the best I can. Cheering from the side line of course.

Cheers Len

  I’m Alex the Bear

I was donated to the trust and have now become the official mascot.

I will be available for photo opportunities at many of the events but I’m not looking forward to the muddy one’s.

If you have an event that is far away but would like to take me on your travels please ask Josh if I can come for a little holiday.

I would say contact me but I really struggle to reply due to my lack of fingers and thumbs… You humans honestly don’t realise how lucky you are !!

Alex xx

Kelly Pepper

 Kelly Pepper of Jabu Designs is our web designer who has very kindly donated her time, expertise and A LOT of patience to design this website at the same time as she was looking after her beautiful new born baby.

Joshua was quite specific with some of his requests but nothing phased her and its thanks to Kelly that we find ourselves with this fantastic site you’re using today.

Thank you Kelly x

Cara Miller

 Cara Miller of Miller Wash is our accountant and like Kelly has very kindly donated her time, expertise, patience and then even more patience on top of that! Cara has assisted us immensely with the registration of the charity, applying for gift aid and setting up of the limited company.

When Joshua attempted to pay Cara for her work her words were; “Don’t be silly, I’m honoured to be working with you. I’m more than happy to donate my time for free, although when you’re turning over millions we will renegotiate”

Joshua certainly hasn’t forgotten that quote and with that in mind we hope to one day pay you for your work!

Thank you Cara x