Ipswich Hospital

Since The Kerry Alex Thorpe Trust was formed in April 2014 we have always had the intention to support those that made Kerry’s life so enjoyable in the relatively short time that she was with us.

Kerry experienced many hospitals, but she always spoke of how much she enjoyed her time under Ipswich Hospitals care and how wonderfully caring the staff were to her.

Kerry was with Ipswich hospital until her 16th birthday and particularly during her teenage years spent multiple weeks at a time on the children’s wards – Kerry even had to take all of her GCSE exams in hospital under the supervision of Ruth Pickover, who is still an invaluable member of the team now.

Kerry would often recalled the day she left Ipswich Hospital to transfer over to adult care at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge. All of the staff threw a leaving party for Kerry, with cakes, sandwiches, fizzy drinks, chocolate etc and lots of presents – all funded out of the nurses own pockets. Needless to say this really touched Kerry and her family and we now hope to give a little (or a lot) back as a thank you for the memories they gave her.